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21 setembre, 2022

92 Arw Legal Office

If you are unable to come during regular working hours, please contact the office to ensure that your legal needs or questions are met. Currently, the Legal Department only provides legal services to (1) active/joint members who work or work in the CSINGP; (2) spouses with active sponsors who are currently employed; (3) and individuals who require powers of attorney for family care plans. Although no appointment is required, individuals are encouraged to call the law firm in advance to ensure availability when providing services. Legal services are available at the following times: We are located on the first floor of the Wing Head Office Building in Suite 121. The legal department can be reached at 509.247.2838. Please visit aflegalassistance.law.af.mil for more information and documents on many different legal topics/topics. Due to the lack of staff, the Legal Service will only serve short-term assignments. All other legal services are suspended until October 3, 2022. *Members MUST (1) go to aflegalassistance.law.af.mil and complete a worksheet on powers of attorney or wills before going to the legal department for these services. Once these worksheets are completed, members (2) MUST email their ticket number, DoD identification number, legal residency status, physical address, and phone number. This information MUST be submitted to Legal Services Times (3) 24 hours in advance to receive services.

Members are encouraged to bring physical copies of their worksheets when using legal services. · Members of the armed forces who are on AD, including reservists, members of the National Guard, and ROTC cadets on active federal government service in accordance with Title 10 of the United States Code. · Civilian employees and civilian contractors deployed in or in an area of operation have the opportunity and support to prepare and execute wills and all necessary powers of attorney. Powers of attorney*/Notaries/Art 137Lu-Thu 0900-1500EN CLOSED DAYS Close to the members and former members listed above who are entitled to an identity document. Fairchild AFB`s legal department is dedicated to supporting those who sacrifice their lives to protect America. Its scope includes legal advisers, wills, powers of attorney and notaries. · Officers of the commissioned corps of the public health service who are on AD. – Wednesday: 1300-1400Rents WillsTermin only on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. · Members of the Air Reserve component who conduct Active Guard or Reserve visits, including those on 10USC 10211, 12310, 32usc or 502(F), are eligible.

· Members of the reserve components following the dismissal of AD in connection with an appeal or order to AD of more than 30 days issued under the mobilization authority.


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